Detroit’s Myeloma Community

We are here to help

  • Patients need education about the new drug therapies available and the quickly changing myeloma landscape.
  • We are working to build a local myeloma community, which can support patients and caregivers.
  • We see that there is a disparity in care and access to treatments among patients, particularly in the Detroit area. We want to help bridge that gap.
  • Furthermore, CMMC is committed to shedding more light on multiple myeloma, so that the public, in general, is better informed.
  • We are also working on gathering information that may provide various forms of assistance for multiple myeloma patients.  As an example, here is a link to financial support from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Bringing the myeloma community together is key to meeting these needs. That’s why Wine & Dine in the D was created. The evening kicks off with 90-minute educational roundtable discussion by some of the most prominent myeloma doctors in the country. Following this important educational panel, we host a “Wine & Dine” fundraiser, featuring delicious food and beverages from some of Detroit’s finest restaurants. All food and beverages are donated. It is an evening to educate about myeloma, raise funds for research and inspire.


We hope you will join us for Wine & Dine in the D!

Please see ticket and sponsorship information here. Myeloma patients may receive complimentary tickets.

wine and dine in the d

Cure Multiple Myeloma is a 501(c)(3) corporation which was established to educate myeloma patients and caregivers in the Metro Detroit area, provide a community of support, and to raise funds for myeloma research.